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Woodbridge Senior High School
Mighty Viking Band

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Congratulations Woodbridge Class of 2005!
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WoW! Congratulations to the WSHS Theater Department!!

The WSHS production of "Damn Yankees" won two of the coveted Cappie awards at the sixth annual Cappies Gala held Sunday at the Kennedy Center.

The winners:
Best Lead Actress in a musical - Julie Sowers
Best ensemble in a musical - for the scene "Ball Players"

The "Damn Yankees" production was nominated for five Cappies in all, a sign of the show's strength and the students' talent.

Other WSHS nominees:
Best male dancer - Eduardo Rivera
Best female vocalist - Margie Mills.

The WSHS production of "Damn Yankees" was one of five nominees for Best Musical overall.

Members of the "Damn Yankees" cast performed the "Ball Players" scene on stage Sunday evening to a packed Kennedy Center Concert Hall.

" Damn Yankees" was produced and directed by WSHS theater instructor Caren Hearne.

Excerpts from Cappie reviews:
" Winning performances included those of Meg Boyd (Margie Mills), who had one of the purest voices and the most convincing presence. As Joe Hardy (Joe Boyd's power-hitting alter ego), John Stauffer proved his character's love for the game and his wife, and sang well regardless of the range of notes. Applegate (Billy Rossiter) was appropriately funny and scary. And Julie Sowers, as Lola, also gave a clean performance, especially in "Whatever Lola Wants," which brought gasps from the audience during a minor striptease."
"One of the show's strengths was the ensemble dances. If you ever thought boys couldn't dance and sing, the Ballplayers would prove you wrong. "Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo." and "The Game" were both comical and superbly coordinated numbers. "Two Lost Souls," featuring almost the entire cast, consisted of cartwheels and flips and also was notable."
"Sowers captivated the audience with her imaginative dancing and spicy singing, particularly during "Whatever Lola Wants."
"Margie Mills played the role of Joe’s faithful wife, Meg Boyd. Mills had a clear, unforgettable voice that was especially strong during her opening song “Six Months Out of Every Year.”
To learn more about the Cappies, go to: http://www.cappies.com/nca/

WSHS Theater Department


Thank you Woodbridge for a FINE Season !!
You da Best!! You made us proud !!

Road to the Regional Finals:
May 27 District Championship: Woodbridge 11 Forest Park 10
May 31 Northwest Region Playoff: Woodbridge 14 Brookepointe 8
June 2 Northwest Region Semifinals: Woodbridge 10 OP 8

BIG "Come from behind" win over Osbourn Park!

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